If you are at or near retirement age, you need to know your RMD, or you may face a ruinous tax penalty that will significantly affect your savings, quality of life, and even your retirement itself.

That’s because when you turn 72, the federal government requires you to begin making annual withdrawals from your Precious Metals IRA. These mandatory withdrawals are your Required Minimum Distribution.

Cash for Any Coins is here to help.

Simply input your relevant information in the calculator below to get your RMD.

Then click or call to make an appointment so that one of our IRA experts can assist you with determining the correct amount of precious metals you need to sell to us in order to fulfill your tax obligations for this current year.

Our client-focused team is ready and waiting to provide information and guidance to help you understand and meet your RMD.



This RMD calculator provides an estimate only. Please do not make any financial decision based on the figure it provides. In all circumstances you should contact your IRA custodian for an accurate figure.

Wow! That was easy. But what does it mean?

Now that you have your RMD amount calculated for your precious metals IRA, our experts are standing by to help you make sense of it.

Our services are always free to you and our experts are as friendly as they are knowledgeable.

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