We founded Cash for Any Coins after decades of working in the precious metals market and seeing that the needs of regular Americans weren’t being met.

The precious metals market is built for corporations, governments, and fund managers…not individuals pursuing their dreams and their financial security.

That is a shame. Precious metals are a powerful financial tool, and everyone should be able to harness that power!

We built this business around the individual, and designed it to make selling your coins, bars, and bullion SIMPLE, SECURE, & SPEEDY!

The reasons to sell your precious metals are as unique as every individual. Whether you inherited your coins, have them as part of an IRA, or have collected them for fun and profit, we have the expertise and experience to make the process of cashing out all or part of your precious metals easy and stress-free.

Unexpected life events happen. Maybe you want to take a vacation, need to send a kid to college, or just want to keep extra cash in these uncertain times. No matter your reasons, we are here to listen, advocate, and act on your behalf to help you make the most out of your precious metal holdings.

Cash For Any Coins is the BEST OPTION
for selling your precious metals online

  • Transparency in pricing, process, and data use
  • No commissions ever
  • Simple, safe, and secure
  • Personal, one-on-one, and honest client service
  • No negotiations – We give you a fair market value quote. You can accept it or reject it. Zero pressure
  • You control the process…we work for you!

The internet is full of scam. The precious metals industry is no exception.

Do your research.

You’ll see that Cash For Any Coins has worked hard for our reputation, and your trust!

Welcome to Grass Valley –
The richest of all California
Gold Rush towns and the home
of Cash for Any Coins

The first California Gold Rush started in 1849, right here in Grass Valley. By the 1950’s the mines were tapped out and Grass Valley, 60 miles north of Sacramento, transitioned into an idyllic bedroom community.

Grass Valley

Today, restored historic buildings, quaint coffee houses, and tourists are the norm in Grass Valley. Long gone are the tough-as-nails 49ers who came in pursuit of the American dream.

Or are they?

Grass Valley Downtown

We may not be panning rivers or delving deep into the earth, but we have brought the SECOND Gold Rush to Grass Valley…and to you! We honor that history every day as we strive to build a new legacy and new American Dreams for our clients.

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