Terms & Conditions 

My Coins Are Stored At Home

Servicing United States Only (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

Minimum Transaction Dollar Amount for Sell To Us Order:  Minimum Sell To Us Order amount is $5,000.00 (USD).

Binding Contract: Once you have placed a Sell To Us Order to sell to CFAC, you have entered a binding contract.

Delivery Terms for Sell To Us Order

Before you select the SELL NOW button.

Review & agree to all requirements.

You are responsible for packaging your coins to be shipped with specific instructions & taking your coins ready to be shipped box(es) to your local FedEx Depot.

Please view video:


If you need help or have questions we are happy to guide you through the coin packaging process and requirements.

Taking Photos of Coins Being Shipped & Box(es) Being Shipped

Our precious metals liability coverage with AIB Express  requires photos to be taken of your coins being shipped & outside of the box(es).

Failure to complete the shipping & photo requirements & submit photos to sell@cashforanycoins.com will result in if coins are lost/stolen/damaged while in transit by Fedex to our depository, Cash For Any Coins unable to file a claim with our precious metals insurance carrier, thus resulting in Cash For Any Coins not being liable for your coins while in transit.

Once you select the SELL NOW button & receive the Sell To Us Order confirmation email you may not cancel and are obligated to send the agreed to quality and quantity of Precious Metals to CFAC’s Delaware Depository. You will be required to send photos of coins before the shipping label is provided. Once you receive the fed ex shipping label you have 24-hours to ship your coins. If you are unable to ship your precios metals within the 24-hour period, you must notify our office with the reason immediately via phone or email. If your sell now order is placed after 3pm Friday pacific standard time you must ship coins Monday morning.

After email confirmation, your Sell to us transaction to CFAC may be cancelled by CFAC if you default in the performance of any of these requirements: (a) CFAC’s Delaware Depository do not receive the Precious Metals which are part of such Sell To Us Order to us within 2 Business Days; and/or (c) Precious Metals are received but do not meet the quality standards, agreed quantity and/or for other non-compliance by you. Additionally, if your Sell To Us Order transaction obligation(s) are not met and/or your Sell To Us Order transaction is cancelled by CFAC. We reserve the right to cancel any Sell To Us Order at any time and for any reason.

Cancellation of Sell To Us Orders

Once we have issued a Sell To Us Order confirmation with shipping label (a) all prices are locked-in, and (b) there is a binding contract between us for your transaction. This is a benefit to you because you know your price at your Sell To Us Order confirmation time and we believe this is one of the key benefits of transacting with CFAC. You have no right to cancel Sell To Us Order(s). However, if you default in your performance of shipment, quality, quantity, or any other act required to complete the Sell To Us Order transaction as required, we may cancel your Sell To Us Order(s). We reserve the right to cancel any Sell To Us Order at any time and for any reason.

CFAC payouts to you for selling us your precious metals 

Once Delaware Depository authenticates & confirms the quality, quantity and otherwise the entire accuracy of the transaction, we will process payment within 2-4 Business Days in one of the following ways – Wire Transfer & Check Payment.

Sell To Us Order Fees

When you sell to us your precious metals there are no hidden fees or charges. The prices quoted are the prices we will pay for your coins.

Payment Options 

No out of pocket fees charged to you or taken out of your payout total

Wire transfer- done electronically

Check payment -mailed via USPS with tracking


CFAC: Cash For Any Coins

Bullion: The term “Bullion” means the term that is used to describe (1) Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium Coin(s), bar(s) or round(s) which closely follow spot prices and have little or no Numismatic value (such as restrikes); and (2) the form in which metal is shaped such as bars, ingots or wafers.

Coins: The term “Coin(s)” means a stamped piece of metal of a known weight and fineness issued by a sovereign government.

Precious Metals: The term “Precious Metal(s)” means Gold, Silver and Platinum along with the Platinum group of elements: rhodium, osmium, ruthenium, Palladium and iridium. Precious Metals are characteristically lustrous, ductile, rare and nonreactive.

Sell To Us Order: The term Sell To Us means the acquisition of products by CFAC from a customer, whether made through website, by telephone or email or otherwise, with the number, quality and price confirmed/accepted.

Business Day(s): The term “Business Day(s)” means a day other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a day that is a holiday under the federal law of the United States of America and/or the laws of the State of California. CFAC hours of operation: Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm (PST)  Delaware Depository hours of operation: Monday – Thursday 8am – 4:30pm Friday 8am – 3:00pm (EST)

Fair Market Value: The term “Fair Market Value” means the Fair Market Value of the Product as determined by CFAC, in its reasonable discretion, as of 3 pm (PST) on the date of the Sell To Us Order.

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