You have inherited a coin collection and you would like to sell it. Cash For Any Coins has helped many customers who have inherited a coin collection from friend or family member or acquired from an estate sale. We understand you may feel overwhelmed, and it could be a challenge to get your arms around the size of the collection.

Appraising silver coin

There are “coin collectors” and “coin accumulators.” A coin collector will have his or her coin collection logically organized into sets, folders, albums or labeled containers. A coin accumulator is a person who buys coins and puts them in a box or safe without assembling them into a coherent collection.

If the coin collection that you inherited is truly a “coin collection,” then most of the work has already been done for you. If you inherited a “coin accumulation,” then you need to start organizing the collection into some resemblance of order.

A precious silver coin

Some people inherit coins saved from circulation or brought home from trips abroad. You may look at an old coin and assume it must be valuable because it is old. Did you know that some 2000-year-old coins can be purchased for a few dollars? Take the time to learn how to identify the coins you have and estimate the condition they are in.

Our Minimum Order Value is $5000 (USD)

See FAQ’s for more information on type of coins we do not accept before submitting your coins photos.

Here are some examples of coins we are happy to buy and ones we cannot buy:

What we buy

Coins that we buy infographic

What we can’t buy

Coins that we can't buy infographic

Submit your coin information

$5000 Minimum Order Value

See FAQ’s for more information on type of coins we do not accept before submitting your coins photos.

If you have records of your coin inventory/catalog or a checklist that the coins collector kept of their collections this will be helpful. We have gotten many different types of submissions like index card records, excel spread sheets, usb drive or handwritten list. It’s okay if you don’t have those on hand, we can accept photos of the front (obverse side of the coin) and back (reverse side of the coin)

IMPORTANT: Lay Maximum of 6 coins on a neutral surface (not white) front side up, take photo and flip coins to back side, take another photo. SEE EXAMPLE

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Upload a list of your inventory or photos of the front and back of your coins.
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    You may also submit your photos
    from your phone via a text message

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    We don’t buy copper.  We buy gold, silver platinum and palladium coins and bullion.

    Wheat pennies image

    We don’t not buy these coins due to the low in metal content.

    Silver Walking Liberty, Kennedy, or Franklin Silver Half Dollar.
    Silver Half Dollars

    Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea are always popular, and many people collect them, but at this time we are not buying them.
    Modern Coins

    These can be tricky, but the short answer is no. Commemorative coins are manufactured & sold to cater to coin collectors who enjoy a certain athlete or time in history. The fair market value we offer is based off the weight and metal content of the coin. Some people may want to keep the inherited collection for sentimental reasons.

    It depends. See above photo samples of gold foreign coins we were able to buy with the green check mark.

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